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What do we do?

Why stone?

A material of great nobility and ancestral use, stone is the perfect solution for extremely diverse situations. Both durable and decorative, it resists the effects of time and fashions, and can blend perfectly with the most varied decors. Still, you need to know how to choose it and use it. In this area, Euro Pierres has over 20 years of experience.

Stones of the World

Limestone, Shale, Quartzite, Marble, Slate etc., we know them all, supply them all, and can guarantee the widest choice. Our quarry suppliers are not lacking in resources.
If you are looking for stones from foreign lands in Europe, Asia, the Orient, South America, etc., we have built up exclusive partnerships with a great many quarry owners that we alone represent in Europe.

  1. Extracting split stone
  2. Extracting stone blocks

Landscape gardening

  1. Natural stone
  2. Exterior paving
  3. Ornamental rockery
  4. Decorative cobbles
  5. Marble chippings

Who are we?

Our principle activity is the extraction and transformation of natural stone.

Our ranges grow from year to year through the creation of partnerships with quarry owners on all five continents. Do your customers want Vietnamese blue stone? Chinese granite? Stone from Burgundy? They want to decorate their patio or their living space with items of unusual dimensions. They want a warm, polished surface for inside, or anti-skid, roughened, flamed, and aged surface for the outside?

Benefit from our knowledge and know-how by getting in touch or putting your customers directly in touch with our technical hot line.


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