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Extraction of natural stone

Cleaved stone


Cleaved stone is recrystallized rock formed by pressure or by successive deposits and features strata that are more or less regular.

Cleaved stone Cleaved stone

Cleaved stone is not extracted in blocks like marble and granite, but by shearing using hydraulic excavators or by mining methods.

The stone masses extracted are split into sheets of variable thicknesses and irregular dimensions, for use in crazy paving.

Quarry work

Cleaved stone

Splitting cleaved stone

Splitting cleaved stoneSplitting cleaved stoneSplitting cleaved stone

Did you know?


A stratum is a homogeneous layer of sedimentary rock with a thickness that may vary by a few centimeters to hundreds of meters. Stratification indicates how the rock deposits in strata. The rock's homogeneity is relative and is the result of differentiating facies.

In geology,the term facies designates the category in which a mineral or rock can be classified according to its properties. It may refer to the exterior aspect and be descriptive (brecciated, petrographic, acicular, etc.) or have genetic connotations (metamorphic facies).

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