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Marble chippings

Gravel and chippings exist in various calibers (1.2/1.8mm - 1.8/3mm - 3/5mm - 5/8mm - 8/12mm - 12/16mm - 16/22mm). We offer a range of nearly 30 different colors. Marble, porphyry and granite are the most common stones used.

The range of gravel and decorative pebbles presented on the website is not exhaustive. There are nearly 30 different colors to complement any location perfectly.



Pebbles, gravel and cobbles are available in varying quantities:

  • 55 lb (25 kg) bag
  • 1.5 metric ton "Bulk Bag" (one cubic meter)
  • Tube pallet (1m3)
  • In bulk, half-skip loads for major projects


Garden ambiance using marble chippings

More photos of gravel

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